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Knife Blades: A Guide to the Different Kinds of Knife Blades

The knife was one of the first tools used by early humans, and in the past thousands of years its use and its design have evolved considerably. Today there are several different kinds of knives, made from a variety of materials, and used as tools, for cooking and other purposes. Let's take a look at the main types of knives that are presently available. Carbon SteelCarbon Steel has been used in the making of blades for many years. Knives made from carbon steel are tough and take a better edge with little effort. However, carbon steel blades discolor when they come in contact with foods that are high in acid, such as tomatoes and citrus fruit and the blades must be treated with care to avoid discoloration and rusting. If you are using carbon steel knives you should wash and dry them thoroughly after use. Some box cutter and utility knife blades are made from carbon steel. Stainless SteelUnlike carbon steel, stainless steel blades do not discolor or rust, however, they are not hard enough to maintain the bes...


Utility Knife: The Tool You Can't Live Without

From the home and garden to the garage and basement, home owners frequently face repair and honey-do projects that require one of the most basic tools - the utility knife. Its versatility and strength makes it a tool no homeowner should be without.Looking to add insulation in your home to get a handle on your utility bills? There's nothing like a cold, windy winter to bring out the cracks and areas in your home that could use some additional insulation. You can easily reduce the cost of the project by doing the work yourself.Assembling the appropriate tools for the job is pretty straightforward. In addition to a utility knife, have on hand fiberglass insulation, work gloves, a measuring tape, staplers, a dust mask, and stepladder, if needed. A wooden pole can also be useful if you're going to be pushing insulation into roof rafters or other hard-to-reach areas. Also, if you're working in the attic or other area where there is no light source, use portable clamp lighting. As you place the insulation between th...


Choosing The Perfect Hunting Knife

Hunters and fisherman alike all know that having a solid knife in their arsenal of tools is essential. Having a good knife is essential however when it comes to finding one that meets all of your needs the choices can become quite overwhelming. Below are some tips to help you find a solid hunting knife for your outdoor adventures. The first thing that you will want to consider and decide upon when it comes to choosing a knife to carry with you on hunting adventures is between a fixed knife and a folding knife. For the heavy duty tasks involved in hunting a fixed knife offers the best stability. A fixed blade knife is rugged, reliable, sturdy and simple to clean. The main drawback is that fixed knives are bulky and take up more space than a folding knife. To transport a fixed blade knife can be made simpler when using a sheath attaching the knife to a belt or boot. If you do choose to use a folding knife instead because of the easy to carry feature a lock-back folding knife is a solid choice for a hunt...


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