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Is The Swiss Army Knife The Most Versatile Knife Ever Made

The Swiss Army Knife is a hand tool with a multitude of functions. This knife sports an array of various tools as well as a blade. They are known for having screwdrivers, can openers, scissors and more each stored away inside their own compartment within the handle of the knife. They are exposed through a pivot point action. The handle is usually red in color with a white cross (the emblem of Switzerland). The model used by the actual Swiss Army has an aluminum-plated handle.This knife is synonymous with the pocketknife. It is often descriptive with a sort of tool, such as a software tool, that is a family of special-purpose tools.There are various types and styles of Swiss Army knives each with its own tool combination for a specific task/s. The Swiss Army's knife has a corrugated metal surface with a red emblem and adorns a blade, a reamer, a bottle-opener/screwdriver/wire stripper, and a can-opener/screwdriver.The simplest model sold includes a single blade. The most popular models typically includ...


I Need a Survival Knife, What Do I Look For?

A survival knife is not to be confused with a fighting knife. These are two unlike knives and should not be confused with one another. A fighting knife is much more analogous to a dagger. The fighting knife was designed to eliminate a deadly threat. A survival knife is a tool to enhance your ability or probability of survival in extreme conditions, most likely, outdoors.There are gillions of "survival knives" to be had on the knife market that actually meet the criteria as may different types of knives like the abovementioned fighting knife, tactical knife, pocket knife, whittling knife, Bowie knife and many others. The message that I want to relay here will enable a person to separate a survival knife from the less practical wannabe.Let's talk about what you don't want in a survival knife. You will notice that many of these items are things people actually look for. Many folks follow Hollywood tips and ideas to do anything. It doesn't work like the movies. How many times have we heard that? And if so, why do...


Choosing A Good Hunting Knife

A good hunting knife is an essential part of any hunter's equipment. It ensures that you are able to properly skin and remove the meat from your catch without ruining anything or leaving anything behind. However, because hunting has become more popular, the hunting knife industry has begun to boom, making it hard to know exactly which knife is best for you. Hunting knives come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and styles. The quality will vary substantially based on who you purchase a knife from and what style you select - whether it is a custom knife, an old style knife, or a new Kershaw hunting knife. Knowing which knife to choose can be a daunting task. The durability of a good hunting knife is vital. If you trust your knife to be effective in handling any catch you make, it must be able to last for years to come. No one wants to go through the process of buying a new knife every two years. So, knowing which kind of animal, their size, and what style of hunting you plan on are major factors in hel...


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